Global Game Jam 2016 - Viking Burial

Role: Programmer / Designer
Project: GGJ 2016 - Hosted by PIGDA
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Year: 2016

Viking burial was created as part of the Global Game Jam 2016. This was my first ever game jam and I was thrilled to be participating in it! The theme this year was Ritual and after discussing several ideas, my team decided to create a game out of the Norse tradition of a flaming ship burial.

I worked on the design and programming for this game and it was quite a fun challenge to create this in 48 hours! Even though it was physically tiring, our entire team was mentally prepared as we had all gone through BVW together. Thus, at no point did panic set in and we were always in control of our deadlines.

The game can be viewed on the official site by clicking here.