ETC sponsor project - Cozplay

Role: Programmer
Project: Semester Project
Location: Entertainment Technology Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Year: Fall 2016
Website: ETC - Cozplay

Cozplay was a semester long project at the Entertainment Technology Center. I worked in a team of five as a programmer to design and implement games for Anki’s Cozmo robot. Details about the project along with progress updates can be found via newsletters on the project website.

As a programmer I rapidly prototyped ideas with my team to exploit Cozmo’s features while circumventing several technical limitations. I quickly adapted to Cozmo’s SDK (alpha version) which was a Python interface that communicated with the robot via Anki’s proprietary messaging service. After some basic prototypes with Cozmo’s cubes, I explored possibilities by integrating the robot with other Python modules like Twilio and other tech like Makey Makey.

Due to the lack of an artist on the team, I also filled in for the role by creating branding materials for the team:




Half Sheet:

Half Sheet (Front) Half Sheet (Back)

Team Photo:

Team Photo