BVW Round 5 - First Flight

Role: Programmer
Project: Building Virtual Worlds (BVW)
Location: Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University
Year: 2015

First Flight was the final project made as part of the BVW class and the focus was to create a fun, engaging experience that could be showcased in the BVW festival. The primary objectives of this game were to involve multiple people and limit technical restrictions to allow even the most naive guests to enjoy the world. In addition, we wanted to implement sound as one of the input mechanisms for the game. Thus, the platform involved the use of Makey Makey attached to six pedestals that required three guests to work together. It also required the guest in the center to scream into a microphone to provide a boost to the airplane.

I worked on programming for this round and was responsible for creating the framework of the game. I designed the physical configuration of the pedestals so that guests could replicate the wings of the airplane. The wiring was done specifically to create a wire-free environment for the guests themselves. The three guests would have to hold hands and just physically touch a pair of pedestals to complete the circuit.

This project was selected to be one of the worlds showcased at the BVW Festival 2015 held at the ETC, CMU. Consequently, we worked on heavily theming our designated area to provide an immersive experience. I worked at the wood-shop as well as used my other craft skills to contribute to the theming. A video is provided below which shows our game in action during the festival! This video has also been featured on the Makey Makey website!

Gameplay Video:
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