BVW Round 4 - Horspital

Horspital was created as the fourth round project of the BVW class and the platform used was Makey Makey along with a LeapMotion sensor. This round required us to tell a story through the world that we designed. Horspital was a 2-player game and the premise involved the guests to work with each to sneak a horse into a hospital in order to fulfill the dying wish of their grandfather.

I worked on programming for this round and was responsible for creating the general framework of the game. Specifically, I worked on the behavior of the horse using a simple state machine and implemented a GUI slider to visually translate the temper of the horse. I also designed the elevator scene which acts as the transition between the two stages of the game. In addition, I worked on the game and sound manager which made it easy to integrate the code with my co-programmer.

Gameplay Video:
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