BVW Round 3 - Temple of Balls

This was the third world made as part of the BVW class and the platform used was the Google Tango tablet. TOB was an action game which utilized the Tango’s mobility and 3D motion tracking to put the guest through an ‘escape the room’ style adventure. This round was known as the ‘Lightning Round’ and the entire game was designed and completed in one week.

I worked on both programming and producing during this project. I designed the following gameplay elements for this world:

  • The HUD indicator for incoming ball direction

  • The shield power-up and cool-down mechanic to avoid damage

  • The lethal spikes that would impale the player

The Tango was not a very responsive platform and there are certain known issues. In addition, there is no reliable recording or streaming app currently available for the platform. Hence, the quality of the recorded gameplay is low.

A more detailed post about the design process and challenges can be viewed on my blog by clicking here.

Gameplay Video:
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