BVW Round 2 - Haiku

Role: Programmer & Level Designer
Project: Building Virtual Worlds (BVW)
Location: Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University
Year: 2015

This was the second world made as part of the BVW class and the platform used was Oculus Rift accompanied by a LeapMotion sensor. Haiku was primarily an exploration game where the guests had to identify objects in the world with the aid of forced perspective. The game employed indirect cues to guide the guest through their journey.

During this project, I was a co-programmer and also contributed to the level design. One of the most challenging aspects was to replicate the forced perspective objects within the game. This is harder in a game compared to a video or animation as the guest is free to move around anywhere. Since there were no explicit instructions, it was essential to design cues and obstacles which would help the guest to maneuver their way around the world.

A more detailed post about the design process and challenges can be viewed on my blog by clicking here.

Gameplay Video:
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