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I fix stuff!


Born in New Delhi, India, I relocated every few years throughout my childhood. While it was awful to leave friends behind, I learned to appreciate the opportunity to embark on new adventures all across the country! Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to venture across international borders, and these days you can find me lazing along the sunny beaches of Carlsbad, California. I love traveling and am on a lifelong quest for new and varied experiences across cultures.

Hero’s Journey

I gained my first taste of professional life at SAP as a Support Engineer. Working with multicultural teams across different countries, I understood the impact of optimization within the realms of database and code. After three enjoyable years at the company, I pursued my dream of making video games at the Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University.

Fascinated by novel technologies and always excited to tackle unexplored topics, the ETC was the perfect playground for me as I got to work with a variety of tech like Oculus VR, HTC Vive, Leap Motion, Microsoft Kinect, Google Tango, Makey Makey, Jam-o-drum, The Cave and Anki’s Cozmo robot! For my final semester, I interned as a Software Engineer at Zynga for their Hit it Rich! mobile slots game. After graduation, I finally achieved my goal of contributing to a AAA title at High Moon Studios.

Academics have trained my brain to think in terms of logic and code, but I also love absorbing knowledge on every other topic under the sun. Having dabbled in game design, I immensely enjoy a role at the intersection of theory and technology. I am an ardent supporter of transformation through games and believe that video games can be crafted to be highly engaging experiences.

Side Quests

When I’m not glued to a computer screen, I like to bike around the city, wipe the dust off my guitar and lose sprints to dogs at the local animal shelter.


“Literally ‘farsickness’ or ‘longing for far-off places’, as contrasted with Heimweh ‎(‘homesickness, longing for home’).” — translated from German